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Every project is different and that’s why they demand a carefully thought-out contracting strategy to balance risk mitigation and optimising financial gains.That’s why working with us on your contracting setup and risk analysis is so important.


From procurement of technology to Balance of Plant (BoP) procurement, we support clients with the tendering process and development of technical documents alongside legal advisors.

We deliver a comprehensive risk management plan and risk register, while analyzing project risk associated with schedule, cost and interface.


Our insight into CapEx and OpEx modelling delivers accurate projections, taking into account contingency modelling and O&M strategy across the full life of the project.

From foundation design and substation concepts, to array layout options and electrical system design, our engineering team give detailed insights based on site-specific conditions.

Client’s Business

As Our Own

  • Crucial project-based experience

    Our extensive experience – in project planning, development, construction, project management, due diligence and operations – means that we have a unique insight into the risks and challenges that you’ll face when developing and constructing a wind or solar farm.

    Our engineering function brings together analysts, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers working closely with our project management team to ensure that the wind and solar projects that we work on are developed and constructed on time, on-spec and on budget.

How We


Results You

Can Measure

  • technical advice, financial insight and operational performance expertise invaluable in any acquisition
  • full-scope construction management provider, based on extensive track-record, ensuring significant contribution to bringing the project to financial close.

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